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How It Works : The Alpha Simulator

Part 1 : Getting Set Up

1. Getting started

All trading actions are enabled through commands typed directly into the Telegram group. Each command looks like this /command
To start, use the /play command to access the trading floor known as the Xchange. Your account will be credited with 10 racks ($10,000). You're welcome.

2. Checking Index Details

If you're new, start by viewing the full list of active indices by using the /list command.
You can then check the price of a specific index by using the /info + {index name}. This will give you the current price of the index.
/info + {index name}

EXAMPLE: Radric wants to do some research before opening a position. He used "/info xci" to check the current price of the Culture Index before making a trade.

You can also check the composition of an index by using the /comp + {index name}. This will give you the weighted percentage of each sneaker of brand within the index.
/comp + {index name}
**Periodically indices will be revised based on feedback or our thesis, in these situations we will make a formal announcement and provide plenty of time for you to make trades if you choose to do so.