Xsauce Protocol

Prediction Markets (Early 2023)

Forecast future prices
The Xsauce prediction market allows users to place wagers on the over/under price of a sneaker by a specified date.
Xsauce is nothing like a traditional bookmaker. The protocol does not collect house fees nor take part in any predictions on the platform. The Xsauce prediction market exists for educational and informational purposes and only charges a small fee on wagers to ensure the integrity of the markets.
Keep reading for how it works.
Live Markets
*Please note that during the beta releases not all features will be available*
There will be hourly, daily and weekly options to suit the recency of each drop. The standard wager is an over/under price prediction which expires on the specified date, however this will quickly expand to a range of other submarkets.
In subsequent iterations, each market will have dynamic odds, meaning that the odds change in real-time based on the amount of money in each market and the wagers placed on each side.
This means that the payout is subject to the consensus of each market. To put it simply, if you’re correct and in the minority then you win bigger than if you’re correct and in the majority.
Because of the decentralized nature of the protocol, bids can always be sold back to the market (at market prices) so you can change your mind if new information about a sneaker becomes available.