Xsauce Protocol

Xchange Beta Simulator (v0)

Hosted via the Xsauce Telegram - https://t.me/xsauce_io
Welcome to your crash course on the Xchange! If you haven't already, follow the link above to join the action.
There are a few things to know before you get started with the trading simulator. (Don't be lazy, just read it so you know how this shit works)
Xsauce was created so that anyone in the world could make money investing and trading sneaker-based assets. We are still in the early stages, but the Xchange allows you to buy shares of indices that give you exposure to a mix of sneaker brands and silhouettes.
The indices are based on real sales data from the top sneaker marketplaces including StockX, Goat and Flight Club.
The indices currently available are:
The Culture Index
The Culture Index is a weighted basket of the most iconic drops from 2010 - 2020. The composition of this index is based on impact to culture at launch and achieving sustained hype/demand in the secondary market.
The Sneaker S&P50
The Sneaker S&P50 is a benchmark index to track the overall health of the sneaker resale market. The sneakers in this index reflect the top 5 sneaker brands (in terms of resale volume) — Jordan, Nike, Yeezy, Adidas and New Balance.
The HYPE6 Index
The HYPE6 Index is an equal-weighted, rotating basket of 13 sneakers released within the past 6 months. After each sneaker reaches its 6-month expiration date, it will be replaced with a newer sneaker drop that fits our index thesis.
What do I get from Xsauce?
Of course, you're here to make some bread (unfortunately it's not real money yet). In exchange for your knowledge, you also get $SAUX (pronounced like sauce). $SAUX is like your street cred or your reputation. Once you get enough it becomes your ticket to the players' lounge. There’s only one catch - you can’t buy it, you gotta earn this shit.
$SAUX is given out for actions that prove your cultural knowledge and drive the Xsauce platform forward. This includes making trades, moving up the leaderboard and inviting new members.
In the near future, $SAUX will be redeemable for IRL discounts and get you into some exclusive places.