Xsauce Protocol


Terms You Need to Know
Bids - This is the price that you'd like to make a yes/no wager. The most a bid can cost is $1 and you can buy as many bids as you'd like.
Odds - The likelihood of a particular outcome (shown as percent). This is calculated by our probability model which accounts for time to expiration date, price volatility and current wagers in the market.
Going Long - Refers to buying a token/xAsset with the belief the price will go up and you will make returns on the price appreciation.
Going short - The oppositie to going long, going short means you expect the price to go lower. Going short allows you to make returns on the decline in price of the underlying asset.
xAsset (aka synthetic asset) - the digital cousin of a real world item which follows its price movement
Weighted Baskets - refers to a group of cultural assets that are bundled together where each xAssets represents different proportions of the "recipe".
Floating Exposure - Dynamic exposure to price that is dependent on the amount of liquidity (money available) in the market
Leverage - the ability to amplify your gains (an also your loss). Think of it as hitting the turbo button in the direction you expect things to go
Index - a financial tool that is used mirror a certain markets behavior
Liquidity - the amount of money currently held in a market. This is important so that you can exit/close your position
Funding Rate - simply put, whoever is on the leading side of the market has to pay the weaker side a bit of money to keep things balanced
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